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watching old Treehouse of Horrors and thinking "oh, i know some people who watched this cartoon wrong"

the horny reasons I actually wrote this program 

"why is it called smashtunes?", you ask? It's because I wanted to play people's keysmashes back at them.

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I know what you're thinking "If only there was a way to turn arbitrary text into MIDI music! Either because I'm doing or because I just want to play a sentence!"

Well, I have excellent news for you. Come check out Smashtunes, a hot new piece of software, just for you.

well, haven't had a bout of hyperfocus like that in a bit

feels good, tbh

I have a thing I can't wait to unleash on the world, but I wanna clean it up first

hey, @SuricrasiaOnline , do you have that website you did for making music on hand

i have an idea for something similarish and i'd like to see how you did it

i'm watching the 30 weird chess algorithms video and i should work on the computer version of fuchess again

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