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@Kae_meows plushbolds competing over who gets to eat the hot water bottle like they're going after a football

@Kae_meows It's one way to make sure you stay nice and close to the Lady all night~

@rockario Exactly. "Looking for any excuse to curse your baby" vs. "Would prefer not to curse your baby"

my body heat usually does the job after a while, but it sucks getting in there, y'know

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@KC showing up at the offices like "who do i gotta tailcoil to defeat scrobbling. who's the final boss of scrobbling"

@rockario not that the Lady won't also curse your baby if you cross her, but it's at least somewhat harder to get on her bad side

i bet they'd be really nice to throw into bed while I get ready and then it's already warm between the covers

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@KC honestly, i don't think we should have let them get away with calling it "scrobbling"


youtube video: huffman codes
me: more like huff my chode, am i right

damn, i don't think i've ever seen a googlewhack in the wild before, at least not in recent memory

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