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@ben We Were Hit By A Space Truck And Got Isekai'd Into Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop?

using msync to queue these posts up for later so i don't post "dick bomb" on the airport wifi

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i guess the moral of the story is that you could probably get away with a dick bomb

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No idea if this joke works 

@Inumo pffft

i was considering doing a choose-your-own-punchline joke between "homeskunk runner" and "homeskunk (but like homestuck)" but couldn't think of a good homestuck joke, so thank you

okay, but a skunk with Sunset's firey hair pattern would be pretty rad

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well, I'm back home. who the hell am I going to vent my Sunset Shimmer takes to now

I am an aisle seat bitch for life because I have to pee too much to make being three deep in the window appealing

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fucked up that you don't even get a skymall any more. I used to love looking at the weird shit they sold to rich people

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