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really it depends on whether folks expect fairy godmothers to walk or fly

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@rockario look, that's how you know they're one of the good ones

you wanna look out for the ones that are too put together, those're the ones that'll curse your baby

i dunno, maybe the Lady's fairy godmother outfit looks more like me in that tie dye dress

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coming home after a long day of faerie godmothering and finally peeling the gossamer off her big, leathery wings like peeling the plastic off a fresh phone screen

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"what boons do kids even like these days? do they still like Minecraft?"

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mortals keep inviting the Lady to baby showers and such, and every time, it's like "is a plushbold an appropriate gift"

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as far as opening lines go, I'll admit "I'm sure you're all wondering how I lost a card game to a monkey." is one of my favorites.

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Alright, so, in an effort to actually publish something I wrote this year, please enjoy A Marvellous Evening. It's, uh, basically Fallen London fanfic (is it fanfic if it's your own video game character?), but it's something I'm proud of and I'm gonna post it.

L E W D 

@Draekos Aww, gotta make sure you get a good nose and mouthful of cock smell before you get back to work.

Wordle 221 4/6 


and i asked jesus "and what about when there was one big boot print in the sand"

and he said "that is where love won"

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