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@Inumo happy to help, dear. I'll have to set it to the source material when I get home <3

@junebug holding a weird little statue and slowly ringing it up while I feel out this guy's vibes and see if this is the sort of thing they'd hold while having an augment that culminates in a body swap episode or if they're more of a slow TF person

@junebug alternate or supplementary gender: the ghost of Radio Shack past

if you're desperate for some little part or component or peripheral to finish a thing or fix a problem, we have it for a terrible price

@junebug the cursed software section is slowly gathering dust as fewer and fewer people buy shrink-wrapped software at all, much less stuff like floppies, so I've had to expand into stuff like costumery (horny if you're into it, cursed otherwise) and those weird little fairy and dragon statues you see in import stores and souvenir shops

or, at least, stuff where the "curse" might be a gain depending on the person

like this potion of dick fall off

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the stuff doesn't even have to be cursed all the time. honestly, it'd be cool to have a smattering of good and bad things, depending on whether the customer is cool or not

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@rockario @Inumo don't get me wrong, I would gladly hire you to do a grand entrance theme, but this is about that rhythm heaven porn gif

this is pretty much the gender, despite technically being the OCM'S Obsolete and Unusual Media Desk

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touching computers for a living is nice and all, but I really just want to sell people cursed items

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thinking about being a mysterious merchant who welcomes you to my shop with a hearty "wellllcome" and maybe a tailswish

I'm that one Achewood comic about Ray getting excited to drink a glass of plain milk just like old times, except it's making a phone call to talk to friends because I'm a telecommunications dork

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this porn gif has my brain on edge because i keep interpreting it as a rhythm heaven game

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