disc coverers shop talk 

also being horny for dragons, but who isn't horny for dragons

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disc coverers shop talk 

talking about all kinds of exciting faerie genders on the podcast and wondering what the hell the tiktok teens think about it

reading some old smut I wrote and laughing at

“She’s also currently a horse.”
“That she is! So, how are you doing?”

person speaking in this online meeting just glitched out and started speaking with reverb and it's honestly a gender


@fluxom_alt damn, I really wanna play this werewolfvania roguelike now

@kat @witchfynder_finder That, too. Virginity is kind of a fake idea- hence why the idea of "being a sexhaver" is so funny to me- and I've certainly done things both parties would agree is "sex", even if it doesn't fit the traditional definition.

@witchfynder_finder It's flattering! I appreciate it! It's a good energy to cultivate and put out onto the timeline.

The way things are going, that might change sooner rather than later, which I assume will somewhat change the vibe of these posts.

@witchfynder_finder Like, I've done a lot of kink in my time with folks in meatspace, but I've never been in a, like, genitals interlocking situation, if that makes sense.

come to think of it, a story in the works now has a dig about companies who sell a gizmo with a cloud service, then go out of business (or just decide to shut off the servers) and brick the gizmo

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