@ben Yeah, like, I get it. I have games installed that I haven't played in two years, and it doesn't make much sense to immediately make Steam waste that bandwidth as soon as an update drops.

i get that they want to spread these things out so that updates don't slam Steam's servers as much, but I miss when one of the good things about Steam was that it'd automatically update your games in the background so you didn't have to wait

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pretty funny to me that steam will be like "oh, yeah, I have an update queued for this game. i'll install it in two weeks. that's cool, right?"

i read like 70 percent of Men At Arms on the plane and i was thinking this post in my head the entire time, so now it's free

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i'd have a lot more respect for minecraft porn if they made the boobs square, but every specimen i've seen has been made by cowards

you: clone high
me: clown high

i don't know where i was going with this

@ben anyways, if you ever want me to read lines for your video game, i've got a lot of experience speaking into a microphone and some experience voicing video games

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