@Balina Dang, now you got me thinking about it. Heart Codes almost sound like encryption keys to people's hearts.

... "going to GRACECON 1"?

@Balina Thank you!

"It was this or the X-ray box, but you can only look good wearing one of 'em."

long wig advice 

@kelbesque Any particular questions or plans? I wear costume wigs a lot, I don't know if that's related to what you want to do.

linux bug report because a: robot and b: she can do the glasses thing

new canon: Bird Call has no idea what Linux is, but she'll still wear the shirt

back of head costume selfies, Helvetica Scenario posting, no eye contact 

back of head costume selfie, Helvetica Scenario posting 

eye contact costume selfie, Helvetica Scenario posting, implied hypnokink like in the story up there 

back of head costume selfie, Helvetica Scenario posting 

time for my favorite part of costuming: trying to take a picture of the back of my head

@fluxom_alt "I'm in." I say, watching my blocky cartoon avatar explode the security system and guarantee my entry.

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