@wintgenstein i honestly think he would do a weirdly competent job, then get caught doing the world's weirdest case of securities fraud

@wintgenstein just wait until kojima announces his biggest project yet: buying and turning around the bankrupt Konami company

@wintgenstein with kojima, it's impossible to tell, but doesn't konami still own the metal gear rights?

@dankwraith one time a coworker told me that it's good that people are suffering for no reason, because they'll make great art. i'm honestly still reeling

@wintgenstein the worst part of no more metal gear games is that we'll never get a codec call about what kojima thinks furries are

@ben i used to be a Cardgage stan, now I think that the magic of H*R comes from its ensemble cast of characters both intentionally created and otherwise.

My knee jerk reaction is either The Cheat or Strong Sad, but I have no idea why.

if kojima had come up with otacon a few years later, he'd be named furcon

@amandag *otacon voice* People have been mind sporting for thousands of years, Snake!

@ben you know, that's a much better way of doing it than what I was going for. thank you, ben.

not that I'm looking forward to the situation that is picking a good font size for text, given that the optimal size is based on how big the window is at that moment

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@ben hey, there's nothing wrong with straight people. i'm just not in the business of making video game about them.

rude of capitalism to make me go to bed at a reasonable hour

@wintgenstein thinking about The Fear, who could control bees because he had a queen bee strapped to his butt. luckily, revolver ocelot can spin his guns fast enough to kill bees

terf bullshit, but funny 

@robotcarsley @triz there was a twitter terf who went by GoodyMargaretXX or whatever who spent a day with the location turned on on all her twitter posts and screamed at everyone for hacking her

art wip, modemoiselle sketch 

@fluxom_alt also, the henchskunk using the wind from the cannon to pour her tea is aaaah

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