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turns out it's hard to make rounded rectangles when all you really have is the ability to draw normal rectangles and the "draw a circle and intersect it with the existing selection" and you don't let yourself use the lasso or selection brush

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thinking about exclusively working in the medium of image program selection areas

screenshot of a porn comic. it's not, like, erotic or anything, it's just a picture of a big titty blonde milf with a laser pointing at her head. 

"Is this that 5G I've been hearing about?" is such a good line

fascinated by this

can you imagine running some random photo processing place in Corpus Christi, and some NASA guys show up saying "Hey, so, we have the first pictures from the goddamn moon, can you develop them for us"

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now, i know this looks like a vase, but if you look at the negative space, you can see two faces looking at each other

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