back of head costume selfies, Helvetica Scenario posting, no eye contact 

eye contact costume selfie, Helvetica Scenario posting, implied hypnokink like in the story up there 

back of head costume selfie, Helvetica Scenario posting 


dronekink, video game flamethrower 

Okay, so, I'd like to make an eyepiece for Modemoiselle. I have this lens that I got out of a pair of sunglasses that I'd like to put into a circuit board and strap to my face. I have a hand drill at home, and access to a drill press elsewhere, but I'm still not quite sure how to go about it. How do I get the lens to stick? How am I going to strap it to my face?

TF kink, food 

I don't usually care for the clothes they give out at work, but this one's not so bad

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