damn, i don't think i've ever seen a googlewhack in the wild before, at least not in recent memory

this is pretty much the gender, despite technically being the OCM'S Obsolete and Unusual Media Desk

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this is the first time I've ever laughed out loud at an ad, mostly because it reminded me that MOONFALL is out

i felt like i was missing something because i searched for "big slappy" and almost all the pictures were of the scout's ass

I have my issues with the way this Intercorp (interpoint-station.itch.io/int) homebrew material is written, but the way the Orpheus looks and is? Hell yeah.

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welcome to Princess Grace's Internet Coolzone. here, you can find discussions of the many technical challenges GPS has to overcome right next to incredibly obtuse dick jokes

we were talking about how none of the dude m&ms are fuckable, but they're clearly angling for that with the blue m&m

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my phone wanted me to remember that two years ago, I saw the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack at the used bookstore

how could you want to delete this? even knowing that the information is false, I find them charming.

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i got to thinking about fursona facts and how skunks eat bees and wasps because their fur is too thick to sting through

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